A selection of works from Theatre, Film and TV

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Theatre Production

Design and build of theatre set for Santa Maria College. This production was designed with a very small budget and with the view of getting the backstage crew students to help, they assisted with cutting the leaves and making the flowers.

Kleenheat "Make The Switch"
6x 30sec TVC

Set Design, Construction supervision and set dressing for 6x 30sec TV commercials for Kleenheat Gas.

Scent Tales
Theatre Production

Set, Costume > Puppet design for a family friendly show that started at the Studio in The Blue Room Theatre and then had a touring season around regional WA.

Feature Film

Production > Costume Design for Giallo inspired feature film set in the 1970's.

The Great Mint Swindle
TV Movie

Set Dressing for a TV Movie about the Mickelberg Brothers set in the 80's and 90's.

The Reckoning
Feature Film

Production Design for a film about a young girls search for her sisters killer.

These Final Hours
Feature Film

Set Decoration for a Pre-Apocalyptic feature film shot in and around Perth, WA.


A selection of photos from various events including, Rottofest, Homegrown Festival and Freo Royal.

The Trojan Women
Theatre Production

Design and construction of the set using a found outdoor space. The space was a series of limestone levels which the design tried to mirror for our setting.

Short Films

A selection of stills from various short films I have Production designed and created models.

Little Princess
Theatre Production

Set Design and construction for a theatrical production. I also Designed and created the Monkey puppet.

Little Women
Theatre Production

Set Design and construction for a theatrical production.